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Imagine that moment when you are thinking about what to cook, starting from an ingredient you have in the fridge or even a type of taste you have in mind. What if instead of losing yourself in infinite searches online or going through recipe books, you would be able to collaborate with a chef as if you were both sketching or writing on a piece of paper?
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research, concept development, UX/UI, Cook for a day, Technologist

What happens when food meets a.i.?

The first image we have in our head when we talk about a kitchen and artificial intelligence is probably of the early examples that we have today: restaurants with of robotic arms chopping food or making noodles or home assistants like amazon’s alexa telling us recipes on command. However we wanted to look a bit further in the future and really explore what new relationships and opportunities will arise when man and machine will be cooking together.

We dived into the life of professional chefs, we followed the all food process happening in the back of a restaurant, from designing a menu and some new plates, to ordering the ingredients from the suppliers, to dividing tasks in the kitchen and serve dinner. We discovered a very intricate world, where most of the knowledge is held in the chefs mind and hands.

While there are many machines that already help automate and simplify the act of cooking, just few tools are there to support the thought process of deciding what to cook and why.

How might we create a tool that would support memory, estimations and complex task of a professional or home chef?

How can we enhance creativity in the kitchen beyond accessing random recipe generators? How might we create a tool to learn and evolve the knowledge of a chef? And what if we could use that to help others?

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Ghost Chef was designed and developed in collaboration with Yeast and in collaboration with Bits x Bites.