Hi! 👋
I’m Lorenzo Romagnoli 👨‍💻
I design and prototype interactive products 🤖.

Scroll 👇 for a selection of projects.

Believe It Yourself

As we tend to believe what machines say without often questioning them, now we can at least make machines that believe what we might believe in.

Objective Realities

Experience life from the perspective of things.


A series of online video tutorials about programming asynchrounous feedbacks with Arduino

👻🍳 Ghostchef

An experiment on how to bring Artificial intelligence into the kitchen

Project Square

Bringing computational thinking into the classroom, beyond the screens.

Reality Platformers

An exploration of AR+AI playful experiences.

Arduino Cloud

The first iteration of Arduino the Cloud plarform


A javascript library connect to BBC micro:bit in the browser

Casa Jasmina

Researching the open source way to the connected home

The whitebox

A transparent interface to tweak your smart home logic


A do-it-yourself kinetic and programmed artwork

I’m part of automato.farm, a design collective busy exploring the implications of new technologies in the near future.
I often teach, run workshops and give public talks about my work.
For work in progress, and live updates you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

Get in touch lorenzormgnl@gmail.com