Hi! 👋
I’m Lorenzo Romagnoli 👨‍💻
I design and prototype interactive experiences 🤖.

Scroll 👇 for a selection of projects.

👻🍳 Ghostchef

An experiment on how to bring Artificial intelligence into the kitchen

Objective Realities

Experience life from the perspective of things.

Reality Platformers

An exploration of AR+AI playful experiences.


A javascript library connect to BBC micro:bit in the browser

Casa Jasmina

Researching the open source way to connected home

The whitebox

A transparent interface to tweak your smart home logic


A do-it-yourself kinetic and programmed artwork

I’m part of automato.farm, a design collective busy exploring the implication of new technologies in the neear future.
I often teach, run workshops and give public talks about my work.
For work in progress, and live updates you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

Get in touch lorenzormgnl@gmail.com