tool design : 2016

A web platform to sketch the Internet of Things

Tink is the result of my graduation project from the master in design for interaction at TUDelft.

Tink is a web platform that connects products with one another via the Internet, it provides designers with a complete Internet of Things (IOT) development environment. Designers are provided with a rich stack of features to sketch, prototype and test IOT projects. Tink is a user-friendly, visual, collaborative, open-source tool for designers to build connected interactions among objects.


Tink targets interaction designers with minimal Arduino experience who are able to read and understand at least some Arduino Code. This visual platform has a low learning barrier and its full functionality is easily discoverable through use.


The interface hides most of the complexity of the system, allowing users with different skill sets to explore it and learn its different components. Tink provides users with visual building blocks to create functionalities without requiring any code to be written. Users more comfortable in writing code can do so within Tink and open, modify, or create new building blocks to share with the community. Tink is composed of 2 main views: one for editing the system and one for monitoring it. The edit view combines system diagram sketching environment with a building block library and an code editor. The monitor view combines a map displaying the locations of the entities and graphs visualizing data recorded by the entities.


This web platform allows different users to access, modify, and monitor the project remotely and simultaneously

Open Source

As an open source tool, similar to Wordpress and other content management systems (CMS), it will be possible to use a central version of the system, or install a private copy on a private server.

You can check the project tumblr here

Have a look at the full graduation report here

I’m working on a prototype of it. Checkout this Github repository