interactive visualization : 2012

An analysis of the usage of colors in relation to the perception of depth

“Generally speaking, warmth or cold in a colour means an approach respectively to yellow or to blue. This distinction is, so to speak, on one basis, the colour having a constant fundamental appeal, but assuming either a more material or more non-material quality. The movement is an horizontal one, the warm colours approaching the spectator, the cold ones retreating from him.” Concerning the spiritual in art, Wassily Kandinsky, 1911

In “Concerning the Spiritual in Art”, Published in 1911 Kandisnki focuses on the meaning of colors. For every color he describes the emotion, the sound, and the movement that you can attach to that particular color.

The work focuses on the movement of colors trying to analyze one of Kandinsky masterpiece according to his theory, the same analysis has been conducted also on an other classical painting from Botticelli, ”the Birth of the Venus”.

The paintings are exploded in an interactive tridimensional space, the pixels in warm colors are moved towards the viewer of the painting while the one colored in cold colors are moved far from the viewer towards the background. The user is able to navigate the painting rotating the view, understanding how the color are important in those paintings to give a sense of depth and place some elements in foreground.